DBT Activity Ideas for Children, Webinar

I’m excited to share with you the DBT handouts and worksheets I use in my sessions everyday. In the three workshops, you will learn DBT-C concepts and skills; they can be used online or in person sessions. All sheets are from my book, DBT Therapeutic Activity Ideas for Kids and Caregivers, which has approximately 70 handouts and worksheets.

In each training participants will learn one concept and two DBT-C skills. The structure of each training will be similar to a DBT skills group, and consists of a mindfulness practice, homework review, learn and practice a new DBT-C skill, and assign a homework assignment for the upcoming week.

Download the sheets below, watch the videos to understand each skill, and then use them in your session or at home with your child. I hope you find them as helpful as I do!

Week 1: March 27, 2020.
1. 4 Modules of DBT
2. Biosocial Theory
3. Mindfulness–WHAT and HOW skills

Video Week 1

Week 2: April 3, 2020
1. Validation
2. TIP skills
3. DEAR skills

Video Week 2

Week 3: April 10, 2020
1. Dialectics
2. STOP skils
3. Repairs

Video Week 3

The children and caregivers keep track of using their skills in a diary card. They bring this completed form back to each session.

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