Mindfulness Resources

This page is dedicated to mindfulness resources for families. Mindfulness is a way to practice being in the moment with awareness, without judgment of yourself and others. Mindfulness has many benefits –for your physical and  emotional well being. It improves your focus, reduces emotional reactivity, increases self awareness and your sense of relaxation. And anyone can become more mindful: kids, teens and adults. **If you have found a mindfulness site or APP you like, contact Carol Lozier to have it listed on this page.


1. Children’s Bedtime Meditations for Sleep & Calm APP. Children’s sleep mediations for all ages.

2. Headspace– This site has meditations for kids ages 5-12.

3. Breathing Bubbles APP-kids choose their emotion and then decide whether to release a worry or receive a joy through their breathing.

4. Mind Valley Academy– Scroll halfway down the page to find “Top 10 Guided Meditations for Children.” The meditations include: Snowman Relaxation for Kids, Children’s Rainbow Meditation, Mindful Breathing for Kids, Mindful Hearing for Kids and more!

5. A Mindful Minute: 3 Fun Mindfulness Exercises for Kids– Huffpost author Renee Jain teaches 3 fun activities for kids along with instruction and illustrations.

6. Square Breathing– Encourage kids to modulate breathing by going around the square four times. Breathe in the nose, pause, breathe out the mouth, pause . . . each to the count of four.



1. UCLA Mindful Awareness Research Center– These are free beginner mindful guided meditations. They are also available in Spanish.

2. Tara Brach– hundreds of guided meditations, online trainings, and resources.

3. Jack Kornfield– online guided meditations, online trainings.

4. Calm- Meditate, Sleep, Relax APP- An APP that has: meditations, sleep stories to fall asleep, and relaxing nature sounds.

5. Insight Timer APP- guided meditations and a timer for meditating.