Tools for Teachers: In the Classroom

Teachers, this page is dedicated to you! I was a school counselor for a number of years and loved it! I worked with kids and teens individually, in small groups, and with entire classrooms.
In today’s world, your job is hard and incredibly satisfying. I want to help you all reach students who may be hurting and in pain as well as those who are already succeeding and striving to be the best kids/teens they can be.
Please send me questions or any suggestions for tools you may need within your classroom and I’ll do my best to answer every email. Please send your requests to

Teachers, find more DBT handouts and worksheets to use in the classroom with your kids or teens in my book, DBT Therapeutic Activity Ideas for Working with Teens.

  1. Guided Meditation for Teens. This meditation helps students to improve their mood and ability to focus. There is a guided mediation Instruction Sheet and a Handout (Heaven and Earth Meditation) to use following the meditation.
  2. Square Breathing – this pdf can be used as a stand alone activity or used in the Mindful Minutes calendar of activities (coming soon!). Encourage students to modulate breathing by going around the square four times. Breathe in the nose, pause, breathe out the mouth, pause . . . each to the count of four.
  3. Starfish Breathing– another pdf that can be used as an individual activity or with the Mindful Minutes Calendar. Starfish breathing assists students to calm their body, emotions, and mind as they learn to regulate their breathing.